What We Do


For us as Carmelites, there is only one “doing”: always to return to our inmost center, seeking him whom we love.  It is in this doing that every other doing finds its value and meaning, every other achievement its proper place, every other action its rightful orientation.

What we do all day, every day, is love, as selflessly as we can.  Everything becomes an act of love: the Liturgy of the Hours, the washing of the dishes, the care for an elderly sister, the mending of a Habit, the arranging of a bouquet for the chapel or for a sister’s birthday, the cooking of a meal, the laughter of a community get-together, the ready forgiveness in a misunderstanding, the fidelity to ongoing community meetings, the stimulation of creative outlets or intellectual interests, walking the dog, feeding the hummingbirds, watering the garden, sleeping through the alarm in the morning—everything is an act of love, given to God who in taking it to be his own makes it his act of love, filled with the wealth of his grace that is then poured out as divine life onto a world desperately in need of it.

  • We pray for the Church; we pray for priests.
  • We pray for the forgotten, the lonely, the marginalized, the ill and the dying.
  • We pray for the healing and salvation of our world.